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N’Importe Quoi Photo of the Week: Retarded Mustard

I went with a friend to see a movie tonight at the UGC Opéra, on Boulevard des Italiens, a street full of fast food eateries and soulless brasseries. And “Moutard Street”. From the rainy sidewalk, the red-neon signs and brick walls made it look almost cozy inside. And with a name like Moutard Street, we thought it had to be a French version of something in the US (no American would purposefully name a place Moutard…sounds too much like ‘retard’).

sign on wall

So we went to check it out, hoping to grab some beers and maybe bar munchies. It was actually pretty busy. The beer was cold. And the fried beignets camembert were actually quite delicious. At some point we started looking at the decor a bit closer, trying to figure out if it indeed managed to look “American”. Aside from the brick walls and a très “American Diner” menu (which did happen to mention their other location in Brooklyn), we noticed this wall decor.

Now, any reasonable human being can probably figure out, since they serve mojitos, margaritas, and other cocktails, what it probably says if you could see around the corner of the wall. But only the three tables in the corner would have been able to see it. Leaving this rather suggestive word for the rest of the clientèle to ponder. Only in France…