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N’Importe Quoi Photo of the Week: How NOT to Sell Healthy Eating

Wow, doesn’t this health food store window really draw you in with its scrumptious looking food display? Non, me neither.


Why is it that the French can excel at window dressing in every industry but health food? At my local Naturalia they manage to really hit home the idea that everything inside will taste like flavorless cardboard.


Which brilliant store manager said, “Hey, instead of fresh organic produce, or the amazing selection of exotic spices and nuts, why don’t we put a generic bag of organic flour in the window next to a generic bag of corn flakes.” The question must be asked: is there any cereal out there quite as depressing as corn flakes? Extra points deducted for the scotch-taped price tags. And trying to “mix it up” with those little German lady bug chocolates wrapped in foil isn’t helping. The only thing this window inspires is a new weekly series: Parisian Shop Window Fail of the Week. 


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  • Too funny! It's interesting how the health food movement in France is about 30 years behind North America. But I find the quality of France's 'conventional food' is superior to NA.

  • At least they should tape a hand-lettered sign in the window that says "Vitrine en Cours" — that way people THINK that there might be something attractive coming…one of the shops in my village has a sign that's faded from being in the sun so long….but by gosh, that window is still a work in progress, even if nothing in it has moved for months.