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Breaking News: Champagne is Actually Good for You!

UsineOperaChampagne.jpgAlthough it may look like I’m sipping bubbly at some chic Parisian bar, I’m actually (as I hope you can tell from the wet hair and lack of make-up — Heather au naturel) at my gym. They were celebrating their two year anniversary today, and thus offering everyone a glass of Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut (on our way out, bien sûr).

Even the healthiest of the health nuts find it hard to turn down a glass of Champagne, but did you know that it’s actually good for you to indulge in this fine bubbly? Yes, we are all aware of the health benefits of drinking red wine, but Champagne is actually the healthiest alcoholic beverage. At least that’s what they told me at the gym.


From the monthly newsletter:

Unique, distributed in a very selective way, this is the Champagne of those who are concerned about their health yet still want to enjoy life! We found it… Ultra Laurent-Perrier Brut is the lowest-calorie Champagne, without added sugars, created from mature wines. Did you know:

– Champagne has been recognized during the centuries, and it is it still today, for its medicinal benefits due to its preventive and curative virtues…

– Champagne is undeniably restorative…

– Low in calcium, diuretic, and detoxicating from the hypocholestérolémiantes substances which it contains, it is actively opposed to the formation cholesterol and its deposit in the arteries…

– Independent of its beneficial effects on respiration, Champagne is better than red wine for those who have  cardiovascular problems…

– The potassium salts contained in Champagne support the contraction and tonicity of muscle fibres…

Well, hell, I’m sold! Order me a case, and I’ll keep some in my locker (especially since — for no good reason at all — they won’t be regularly stocking Champagne at the gym’s juice bar, hmph!) 


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  • I was thinking about this today when I bought some, Are only red and white wines good for you? But it seems that the glass I just had is better for me than I thought haha.

  • i am so happy to hear this good news! i love champagne and to read it’s good for me is like manna from heaven