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Volunteer in Paris

Living in Paris? Make a Difference!

Most foreigners living in Paris know we’re very lucky, but are we giving enough back to the community which is so graciously hosting us? Okay, maybe they’re not always so gracious, but that’s not the point. The point is that we all know there are people in Paris who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves, but those of us with some extra free time can make a difference. The Restos du Coeur need volunteers for the winter to help distribute food boxes to families and individuals in need, and to serve hot meals to those who have no home at all.

The Restos du Coeur was started by the late French comedian known as Coluche, whose idea of solidarity was founded on simplicity, joy, and good humor: “La fête toujours!”. So come have some fun! Volunteers are needed for day or evening. Call the Service du Bénévolat 01 53 24 98 00. Hope to see some of you out there!

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