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Water Flowing in the Gutters of Paris

Paris gutter

Visitors to Paris, especially those from parts of the world where droughts are common like the Southwestern United States, are often shocked and concerned to see water gushing down the gutters of Paris when it hasn’t been raining. Don’t worry, it’s not drinking water. In fact, it’s quite environmentally friendly!

Back in the late 19th century, when Emperor Napoléon III’s city planner Baron Haussmann was completely renovating the streets of Paris, he integrated two public water systems into the underground pipes and sewers: one was treated, potable drinking water that flows through our taps, the other untreated, non-potable water from the Canal St-Martin and the Seine that is used to clean the streets. 

Paris street gutters

Unique to France, it’s an ingenious system that has been working for well over a century. A sanitation worker in a fluorescent green suit uses a tool to turn on the water, directing the stream down the street with a rolled up piece of carpet if needed, then follows the stream with a plastic broom sweeping in debris from the sidewalks and between car tires until he reaches the sewer grate.

Paris gutter

Anything too big to go into the grate is scooped up into a trash bin and carted away. The same untreated water is used by the little green vehicles with the pressure sprayers cleaning the larger sidewalks and squares, especially after the open-air markets close or a festival, parade, or protest march passes through. 

You can read an in-depth article about the history of this system (and many other uniquely Parisian oddities) in the excellent Parisian Fields blog by Norman Ball, a retired university professor, and Philippa Campsie, a Canadian writer. 

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  • As a regular reader of Secrets of Paris I always enjoy it and find something I want to follow up online or in Paris. You have been most helpful so please keep up the good work. Philippa and I were surprised to find a sudden renewal of interest in my piece on keeping Parisian streets clean. Many thanks for your post and link. Also many thanks for the readers sent our way and hope they enjoy Parisian Fields as much as we do Secrets of Paris. Paris is such an endlessly fascinating city we never run out of things to see, say or do.