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Does it seem a bit too warm for October?

Maybe. Until you recall how firkin’ freeeeezing it was in June (and most of August, for that matter)! But no point getting all philosophical. There are some nasty facts out there to deal with. And you can ruin your day by learning about all of them in Al Gore’s documentary film, "An Inconvenient Truth", finally showing in Paris cinemas (under the poetic title: "Une Vérité Qui Dérange"). And maybe if the former American vice president’s film gets you depressed enough, you’ll be moved to do something!

I can hear you now. "But Heather, what can I possibly do (without actually making a huge effort) which will make me feel like I’m part of the solution and not the problem?" Well, first of all get a dang water filter and stop buying truckloads of bottled water. But even easier, just click on the link to fill out the Mayor’s survey on "What Should Paris Do to Help Stop Global Warming?" in the sectors of transportation, housing, urbanization, and business practices. Like this:

 Dear Bert, I think this city needs beaucoup plus de places for locking up my bike, preferably not located in dark alleys. The best bike rack I have found is right outside my flat (facing les flics, conveniently), so that’s where it stays. Quel dommage. Your loyal subject, Izère.

Why rant in random blogs on cyberspace when the Mayor of Paris is asking to hear your rants?! And if you’d like to join an actual live debate, head over to the Hôtel de Ville on October 23 at 7pm, no registration needed.


And a bonus: get an electric bike!  


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