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Vin des Pyrénées

Vin des Pyrénées
25 rue Beautreillis, 4th
M° St-Paul or Bastille
Tel 01 42 72 64 94


An old-fashioned restaurant with traditional French cuisine, cozy bistro décor of checked tablecloths, vintage wine barrels, specials on the chalk board. Run by a young team, the atmosphere is laid-back, somewhat noisy during lunch. They carry wines from independent producers, and serve specialties from the Pyrenees region of France . The selection of meats, salads, pastas and fish are varied enough for all tastes. Brunch even has a strange American flavor (pancakes and cheeseburgers), but you get a ton of food for your euros. Open lunch and dinner, wine bar until 2am.


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  • Hi Heather, If only it was just the waitress, unfortunately it also was the food 🙁 My friends did not enjoy it also.You are right, there are a lot of other addresses 😉 I thought I had to review it because I was really disappointed, for the price you pay it should be good. Steph

  • Hi Steph,That sounds horrible! You don't think it was just that one waitress? Would hate to avoid it because of one bad apple…but there are so many other good places to eat in Paris. ;-)Heather

  • I have been there several times, in between 2006-2008 (I live in Paris and I am French). Went back there last week-end with a few friends. My steak was not good, the cooking was not what I ordered and I nearly had to fight with the waitress to get it right. I have to say that the service wasn't existing and more unbelievable it was like we were disturbing them. I was ashamed getting my friends there.2 words ==> stay away !!

  • You absolutely need a reservation at this restaurant. I have seen them turn people after people away without one. The food is delicious. I had a bad experience with a woman there who seemed to run the restaurant. She was nasty. (There was confusion about the name our reservation was in and the people in my party arrived at different times.) The waiters/waitresses were really nice though.I would recommend this restaurant and would definitely go there again.I had dinner here before I went over to Le Double Fond to see a magic show–just a couple of blocks away.