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11 Rue Amelie 7th
M° La Tour Maubourg
Tel 01 45 58 92 70

Review by Jeanne Cummings

Very bright, not crowded, small, good Italian wine – 6 euros for a nice size glass. They serve a small antipasto appetizer with bread when you sit down. I ordered pasta, but when I saw the salad someone else got I changed to a salad. It was excellent – 12 euros. artichoke, fresh Parmesan cheese, goat cheese with some balsamic vinegar drizzled on it, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms. The atmosphere was simple and I’m guessing that it gets crowded later in the week.

A weekly business traveler to Paris via her home of Chicago, Jeanne Cummings seeks out restaurants with good food and good wine for around 20 euros.


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  • Oh, as someone who was a vegetarian for eight years, I think you can say a lot about a place from their salads. But do feel free to drop by and tell us what *you* think. 🙂

  • Thanks for the review, as I live quite near there and was thinking of trying this resto. But it’s hard to judge an Italian restaurant from a salad! Perhaps a second, more in-depth review someday soon?