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Parisien (Le)

Le Parisien
54 Rue du Four, 6th
Tel 01 45 48 32 21
M° St-Germain-des-Prés

I’ve liked this little brasserie-café ever since I used to work around the corner on the Rue du Dragon (at a muffin shop that’s now a brownie shop). They serve traditional French café food like croque monsieur’s, francforts and fries, goat’s cheese salads, and heartier dishes like pepper steak or rack of lamb. The service is always very friendly (the same two brunette women have been working there for the past 8 years), the prices are less than most places in St-Germain, and the décor is typically Parisian. The non-smoking section is in the back mezzanine area (where there’s a lovely mural of an Art Nouveau street scene). A great address to remember when you’re on a shopping frenzy on the Rue du Four.

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