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Tel 01 47 23 43 37

This company has been getting a lot of press for its unique food delivery service which operate 7pm-6am. It sure is hard to get anything to eat during those hours without actually going outside (there are no 24-hour supermarkets in France, for those of you who didn’t know). This isn’t cheapo food either, but gourmet platters of meats, cheeses, tapenades, sandwiches, foie gras, and even booze (wine, Champagne, vodka). The exciting part is that you can also order ice cubes, Champage flutes, flowers, toiletries (including his and hers “sleepover” kits) , and naughty adult toys for impromptu hanky panky! This service doesn’t come cheap, but keep the number handy…if your date goes well you may need to order in some breakfast! 😉

Orders delivered 30 minutes to one hour in Paris and some suburbs. Credit cards accepted by deliverers.

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