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24 rue Marbeuf, 8th
M° Franklin D. Rossevelt
Tel: 01 45 62 30 14


You really have to know where you’re going in Paris if you want to eat decent Japanese. There are a lot of horrid places, but thankfully there are also a few gems. Meiji is one of them, and it’s particularly interesting because it’s in the Golden Triangle, a minefield of crappy restaurants. A friend of mine introduced me to this place last month. It’s at the back of a long courtyard off the over-hyped rue Marbeuf. But the atmosphere once inside is totally unpretentious, you could probably even show up in jeans (but I wouldn’t). You have the option of the main dining room or tables facing the kitchen where you can watch the chefs at work.

We got a tasting menu, where you are served several courses (five? six? I lost count….too much saki) of absolutely amazing traditional Japanese dishes, for €65. If you’re on a budget, go for lunch. There’s sushi, sashimi, yakitori (skewered meats) and a huge beverage selection. Highly recommended.

And here’s another review for a different take from Adrian Moore.

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