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Mathi’s Bar

3 rue de Ponthieu, 8th
Tel 01 53 76 39 55
M° Champs-Elysées-Clemenceau

Petite Brigitte and I went to Mathi’s last month, a slow Tuesday night elsewhere in Paris, but fully packed here. It’s just a little three-star hotel bar, but somehow it has turned into a very exclusive nightspot, so there’s usually a woman at the door to determine whether you’re worthy of entry (in which case they will find a place for you) or not (in which case it’s “full”).

Inside the decor is totally boudoir, red velvet, crystal sconces, and large oil paintings in heavy gilt frames. The music, unfortunately, is bland dance music (at least when we were there), totally out of place in a bar where no one is dancing. Still, if you want to see where the “famous in France” people hang out, there’s some good people watching.

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