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Lup Restaurant

Le Lup
2 rue du Sabot, 6th
M° St-Germain-des-Prés
Tel 01 45 48 86 47


This new restaurant in St-Germain-des-Prés opened in fall 2007, with the original idea of being open only at night (9pm-5am). With a sexy boudoir style decor and live jazzy musicians, this would make it a cool and trendy hangout à la Costes, non?  That’s what all the press seemed to imply, so I was very excited to go and check it out for the Naughty Paris Guide.

It’s located on a tiny cobblestone street between Rue de Rennes and Rue du Dragon, just behind the Monoprix at St-Germain-des-Prés.Cruising past the doorway at about 2am on a Friday night, it looked distinctly deserted. But I was sure it was open; I had even reserved a table just in case. Once inside, my friend and I found that, besides us and the six staff members, there were about three people. Another couple arrived as we were eating. The jazz musicians, who supposedly play until 3am, were no longer on the stage, and there was some annoying dance music in its place.

I ordered crispy nems and my friend had foie gras. We considered the Angus steaks, but decided to err on the side of caution on this inaugural run. Happily, the food was perfectly fine, well-prepared and served by a very friendly waitress. So my friend ordered a chocolate tart for dessert. It looked a bit sad, even though he promised it was good. We were given two house cocktails, on the house, and I thought they tasted a bit like Pina Coladas, so I finished them both (my friend was driving).

I have to say I love the decor, very cozy and boudoir, à la Jacques Garcia. It could be seen as cheesy, the red velour and pink walls and gilding…but at 2am it’s nice to have low-lit, bedroom-like atmosphere, IMHO. The restaurant is in the mezzanine overlooking the bar and the small stage below. You can come just for the cocktails and music.

My friend is convinced it will be closed in two months, despite the servers’ assurances that it was full at 1am. I do hope that it lasts longer than that! There aren’t many other options for elegant dining after 1am, especially on the Left Bank. Go check it out. Report back…

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