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Le Costes Bar

Le Costes Bar
239 Rue St -Honoré, 1st
M° Tuileries
Tel 01 42 44 50 25

Located in a fashionable hotel on the hippest shopping street in Paris, Le Costes is an ideal stopping point for an intimate afternoon coffee or an aperitif during Paris Fashion Week. With a best-selling series of Hôtel Costes electro lounge mixes, at least you know the music will be okay even if the service is frosty. Oh, what we’ll put up with to strike a pose in luxurious Napoleon III style decor… Open daily 7am-2am.

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  • ‘Frosty Service’ – I must agree! Beware if you’re a large group; there is a 6-per-table rule for the outdoor seating. We were 7 and told simply to move or leave (no bargaining accepted!).. highly embarrassing in the presence of 6 clients!