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Jardin des Pâtes

Le Jardin des Pâtes
Rue Lacépède, 5th
M° Censier-Daubenton or Place Monge
Tel 01 45 35 93 67

This healthy pasta bistro a short walk from the Mouffetard market street (and chez moi, coincidentally) near the Arènes de Lutèce and Jardin des Plantes. I used to go here in my vegetarian student days. Doesn’t hurt that it’s listed in the Fooding guide. So I invited my veggie friend Stephen and another friend, Victoria, who announces on arrival “I can’t eat pasta, so I’ll just get a salad.”

I totally forgot she has a gluten allergy. But lo and behold, there are several different types of pasta on the menu, including wheat, rye, rice, buckwheat and even chestnut pasta. She orders the rice pasta with veggies, I get the chestnut pasta with duck and mushrooms, and Stephen gets the biggest mountain of a veggie salad I’ve seen in awhile. “Wow, this is good. I’m not used to gluten/dairy free food having any flavor,” says Victoria. The main dishes are from €12-14. There’s wine, beer, coffee with thyme liqueur, and all of the “regular” beverages available. We passed on dessert (too full).

In short, a great little place to get a healthy – and tasty – meal at a reasonable price.

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