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Harry’s New York Bar
5 Rue Daunou, 2nd
M° Opéra
Tel 01 42 61 71 14


Harry’s is a tourist attraction in its own right as birthplace of the Bloody Mary, Side Car and Blue Lagoon cocktails, among others. Opened in 1911, it has a cozy and intimate wood paneled bar, covered in memorabilia, US collegiate sports pennants, and signed photos and drawings from some of the well-known clientele over the years. Harry’s attracts a post-theatre crowd, loyal locals, and tourists with guide books in tow. Quieter during the day when regulars come in to read the newspaper. Follow the bar staff’s gentle guidance if you’re not sure what to order (just don’t ask for celery in your Bloody Mary). Lunch served noon-3pm. Open daily 10:30am-2am .

Piano Bar downstairs (where Gershwin supposedly composed “An American in Paris ”) open Tuesday through Saturday from 10pm.

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  • Heather—Very good review of Harry's (my Parisian home-away-from-home). So many reviews of the place are so far off the mark (factually and otherwise) they are embarrassing. I never knew Harry (as I say, I'm not THAT old), but his son and grandson—Andy and Duncan—were dear friends of mine.About Gershwin and "An American in Paris", Andy once told me that at least some of it was definitely composed in the downstairs bar, apparently causing more than a little consternation from the patrons upstairs.