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11 rue de La Trémoille, 8th
M° George V or F-D Roosevelt
Tel 01 47 23 37 32

Who says you can’t find decent Asian cuisine in Paris? Well, I did, until I ate here last week. Tucked into a discreet corner of the Golden Triangle, this fashionable restaurant is popular with Parisian models and actresses who are looking to maintain their silhouettes.

Not only is the Thai-Vietnamese cuisine easy on the hips, it’s also absolutely delicious. If you can handle the really spicy stuff, be sure to tell the waiter (these French folks have such delicate palates, sigh). If it’s nice out, reserve a table on the terrace or even next to the large windows by the bar. Coming on a date? Ask for a table in the back(the candlelight makes everyone look fabulous, darling).

There are a few interesting house cocktails, including the Ginger (with Litchi and ginger and vodka and fresh raspberry coulis) and the Blue F (it’s very, very blue and very, very strong…a few of these and you’ll figure out what the “F” stands for).

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