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Flora Danica

Flora Danica
142 ave des Champs-Elysées, 8th
Tel 01 44 13 86 26
M° George V or Etoile

This is a brunch review, since I haven’t actually eaten here during a regular lunch or dinner. There was an unexpected sunny Sunday one day in late August (I swear, only one), so I tried to think of a nice place to have brunch outside, but not facing a noisy street, like many “terraces” do. I also didn’t want to go anywhere too obvious, because every other Parisian who just returned from holidays would be out there, too. I have been meaning to try the Flora Danica for years. It gets great reviews, and has a gorgeous, elevated garden terrace behind the main dining room. It’s on the Champs-Elysées, but only the deli faces the street. The restaurant is quite calm and almost formal.

I met my friends there and found that we were seated on the lower terrace, which is actually inside with an open ceiling. The upstairs terrace on the wooden deck was already full, they said (note: reserve early). The Flora Danica is Danish, in case the name didn’t give it away, so the brunch buffet is heavy on the herrings: there were at least five different kinds of marinated herrings (the curry ones are divine), as well as salmon prepared three different ways, fresh salads, cooked meats (including roast lamb), fresh juice, and a dessert table. Each of us went back at least twice, and ended up staying for about two hours. Come with a big appetite, since it’s not the cheapest brunch in town (€40 per person), but worth every euro.

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