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6 Rue des Barres, 4th
Tel 01 42 71 09 69


There are so many nice tea rooms in Paris, but this is one of my favorites, just off the cobbled pedestrian street behind the St-Gervais-St-Protais Church (closest metros Hotel de Ville or Pont Marie). Open noon through 10pm (except Mondays), they serve a large selection of teas, pastries, fruity cocktails, coffees, salads and light meals in a casual and bright, white-wash dining room with large windows. Brunch available weekends, and a sprawling terrace in fine weather (see the pic on the website).

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  • Vieux fumeur de pipe, j’écume toutes les terrasses de Paris. Pour celle de l’Ebouillanté, arborée, ensoleillée, ventilée et peuplée d’une faune charmante, je réserve 5 étoiles!

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