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De la Ville Café

Delaville Café
34 Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, 10th
Tel 01 48 24 48 09

With its industrial-baroque décor (it used to be an upscale bordello during the Belle Époque) on three levels, huge terrace, dining room, café and live DJs (with plenty of elbow room, too), it’s the kind of place you could drop by almost any time of the day or night. And would you believe the prices are below average and the servers are pleasant? That’s almost suspicious in a trendy Parisian nightspot! Only oddity: the Clockwork Orange-esque back lounge, which is funny (stuffed hunting trophies on the wall and futuristic orange bench seating) but very uncomfortable looking. It’s located near the lively Grands Boulevards metro (on the border of the 2nd, 9th and 10th), near the Max Linder cinema and the nightclubs Le Rex, Pulp, and Triptych.

Open daily from 11am-2am, until 4am on weekends. Food ranges from couscous and salads to excellent burgers and traditional French fare. Try the Sunday brunch for more food than you could possibly swallow.

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