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Le Costes
Hôtel Costes
239 Rue St-Honoré, 1st
Tel 01 42 44 50 25
M° Concord


I’m not usually a huge fan of the Hôtel Costes Bar/Restaurant because I can’t stand it when attitude surpasses competence in the service. But I had a lovely breakfast there with some tour clients last week, and maybe it was the relaxed morning atmosphere or the fire-engine red flocked pine trees, but I actually had a nice time. The hotel is one of the most exclusive in Paris (their website even maintains the snobby “You don’t need to know” air about it). Decorated sumptuously by designer Jacques Garcia, it’s a cozy mix of red velvet, gilded braiding and lush palms around the central Tuscan-style courtyard.

For breakfast you can order pancakes, eggs any way you want them, hams, cheeses, toast, etc. No, it’s not cheap, and yes, the waitress might bring you coffee instead of hot chocolate, but it’s just such a darned beautiful setting you won’t care. I’ve never had dinner at the Costes, but Gentry loves it, and you’re more likely at night to be sitting next to someone who is usually on the cover of People.

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