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Cherche Midi 22

My friend Robin introduced me to this tiny Italian bistro hidden on a side street near Le Bon Marché. There are only a few tables and they are always taken by the loyal habitués, so be sure to reserve.

The cuisine, like the waiters, is authentic Italian, with home made pastas and freshly made sauces — all absolutely delicious! They’re open on Sundays and in August, with a late dinner service until 11:30pm. And….drum roll…when I passed by yesterday I saw this sign posted on the door:

They are now non-smoking! Just goes to show all of you skeptics out there…restaurants are for enjoying good cuisine, and the Parisians love their cuisine, so it’s only a matter of time before smoking is relegated to the bars and cafés where it doesn’t assault the tastebuds.

Le Cherche Midi 22
22 Rue Du Cherche Midi, 6th
M° Sevres Babylone
Tel 01 45 48 27 44


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  • Thanks for the great tip Heather! What a wonderful lunch we had here. I wish I could have ordered everything on the menu. We had these little fried risotta balls with fresh mozzarella in the middle, in a light tomato basil sauce. The fresh shaved Italian ham looked wonderful, as did the fresh mozzarella balls. Very nice house red. Excellent service. We’ll go back there again.

  • That’s a terrific news: I already loved the place for a great Italian cuisine but hesitated to go back because of the smoke.Now I will go back without hesitating, in my opinion it’s the best value authentic Italian cuisine in Paris.Thanks for making the place non-smoking 🙂