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Café Med

Along with finding dinners for under 20 euros, I also have the challenge of being in Paris on Mondays when many places are closed. I have a feeling that this restaurant is not new to most people, but it was a first time visit for me. I thought it was great. Remember my guidelines (under 20 euros) when I say great.

It’s small, maybe 12 tables, feels local (we were in a corner so I couldn’t hear anyone else talking besides my American girlfriends), and friendly. At least the waitress that night was very pleasant – she didn’t even give me a dirty look when I asked for buerre s’il vous plait I have to have butter with my French bread! I’m trying to ween myself but so far it’s not working.

There is a €12.90 menu and a €19.90 menu. One person splurged and got the €19.90 menu and her food was the same as the rest of ours, except she was able to get a goat cheese salad that was not worth the extra money. I had a potato carrot soup that was very flavorful, another lady had the fois gras (wonderful), others had salad (not bad).

Main courses are nothing special, but good enough. No one ordered the duck, but maybe that would have been something special. We had steak and chicken. The steak (faux filet) was about 1/4 inch thick with peppercorn sauce. With the potatoes it was surprisingly delicious. For desert we all had the chocolate fondant or rich cake with creme anglais. Yumm! Since we’re cheap and not wine experts, the carafes of red wine were good too!

Cafe Med
77 rue Saint Louis-en-I’ile, 4th
M° Pont Marie
01 43 28 73 17


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  • I have been there on 2nd of november and I can confirm what is written in the post. Nice placed, cozy (yes, crampy if you want to see it negatively), with well-above-average food, decent wine (the pitcher variety), nice atmosphere and splendid location (in the middle of the Ile St. Loius).The Menu has been updated pricewise, now the first two menus are 9,90 and 13,90 (there is another for 15,90 I think) but the final bill was more than reasonable.In my opinion a perfect Lunch Spot central Paris.Very satisfied afterwards and I'll definitely go back next time I'm around.

  • Had dinner for 2 based on this blog’s recommendation. We both ordered the Eur19.90 set meal. Price-wise it was very reasonable compared to the other restaurants nearby, but we had mixed feelings regarding the food. First of all, we felt the entrees (starters), which were just smoked salmon and foie gras induced cream cheese with a slice of toast each, to be uninspired and lacking. Next, for the main courses, the duck confit was excellent, but the crepe salmon was disappointing. For dessert, since we opted for a cup of ice cream and a cup of sorbet, we had nothing much to say about dessert as it was pretty run off the mill ice cream/sorbet (it ain’t Berthillon).Atmosphere was cozy but the seating was a bit too cramp for my liking as me and the guy at the next table kept knocking elbows throughout the meal. Also, there was a noisy group sitting right behind us which more or less ruined whatever atmosphere left in the restaurant.Service was a bit slow as there was only one waitress for most part of the night. Our plates were not cleared until we beckoned the waitress to do so.Would visit again, but only to order the duck confit. My overall recommendation: If you are on a tight budget and/or love duck confit, go for it. If not, spend a bit more down the road for hopefully better food.

  • We ate the 12.90 meal there at the weekend. Found it totally by accident after visting the famous ice cream shop next door. The food is basic but very good. Service is excellent and the wine is nice. It’s small inside but atmospheric and cheap as well (in relation to other paris prices).Recommended.

  • Cafe Med is ALWAYS the spot for our first lunch when we arrive in Paris. We’ll go for lunch other times also but we always look forward to our first lunch there. I can’t comment on the serious food (meats, chicken, etc) but their galletes, quiche, soups and crepes are wonderful. A carafe of wine and all’s well with the world.

  • Thank you for giving Cafe Med a nod of approval. Every time we are in Paris we have at least one lunch at the Cafe. We love that the kitchen is at the top of a skinny spiral staircase, with the food being handed down. The wait staff is always excellent and the tight quarters do equate…"I am in Paris, pinch me".