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Café Ernest

31 rue de la Parchiminerie, 5th
M° Cluny-La Sorbonne or St-Michel
Tel  01 46 33 65 12

There are so few *real* French restaurants in the Latin Quarter. This new one is great, a little French bistro in shabby-chic retro style, two lovely ladies who run the whole show, a few specials of the day, traditional French cooking, platters of homemade foie gras, lamb shank, lentil salad, etc. Main dishes €13 and under, wines by the glass. Go next door afterwards to Abbey Bookshop (Canadian bookstore) and say hello to Brian.

My friend Karen and my Assiette Ernest


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  • I would say my criteria would be "French" and "restaurant". And having lived in and around the 5th for 6 of my 13 years in Paris, I would still say that most of the decent restaurants around here are not French (which is not to say I don’t like them, but when tourists ask me for recommendations in the Latin Quarter they’re usually not looking for Vietnamese, American, or Thai restaurants). The places you recommend are all around the Jussieu campus, a tad out of the way, but yes, not bad. Thanks for the input!H

  • I am really surprised to see the "so few real French restaurants in the 5th" comment. I am not sure what criteria you are using, but if your criteria include amazing French food, great atmosphere and good service, I would *highly* recommend L’Equitable (1 Rue Fosses-Saint- Marcel), Le Petit Pontoise (9 rue de Pontoise) and Le Buisson Ardent (25 rue de Jussieu). I have lived here now for 6 months and they certainly compare favorably to everywhere from Le Drugstore (champs elysees) to Benoit. I hope you get a chance to try them!