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Bouillon Racine

The Bouillon Racine
3 Rue Racine, 6th
Tel 01 44 32 15 60
M° Cluny-Sorbonne


This former worker’s canteen dates back to 1906. It has an amazing Art Nouveau interior on two levels, with mosaic tiling and wrought iron furnishings. There are different menus available, including one dinner menu for €26 that includes a starter, main dish and dessert. The food is delicious, French cuisine with a light, creative touch. And…drum roll…the service was excellent. I almost went into shock when the waiter came by at one point *just* to ask if everything was okay. If case you’ve never been to Paris before, the norm (in this price range, anyway) is that the wait staff disappear as soon as your food is served and don’t reappear unless you perform Cirque du Soleil style contortions to get their attention. Valet parking, jazz nights, a non smoking area…book early!


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  • Feeling a bit nostalgic, i just checked out the recent comments on Bouillon Racine and was saddened by those of Oct.’08. In March ’08 we had our group dinner there: 20 Sepreme de Volaille with – perfect – risotto, and the whole dinner made a great impression on my students.I can’t imagine what happened between March and October, but we all know that restaurants have their ups and downs the world over.I almost booked it again in March ’09, but that group chose Le Mesturet, another wild success. See my complete commentary under 2nd Arrondissement if you’re looking for an alternative.

  • We had just one night in Paris and found this restaurant the perfect choice for our evening. Service and food was great.

  • Sadly, I’ve had a few emails recently like this…perhaps it has gone downhill in the past few years. Time to move on. :((I wonder if it’s okay to stop in just for drinks to enjoy the decor?)

  • I believe this to be one of the most beautiful dining establishments in Paris. However, I’ve continually found the food to be very dissappointing. Becasue the decor’s so appealing I’ve returned here twice, hoping the previous experience would be redeemed. Each time I left so dissappointed. Sliced scallops in melted cheese with diced vegetables?? The Terrine of aspic, walnuts and some dubious cuts of meat I simply couldn’t swallow and the Suffed Suckling Pig, actually a slice of pork, coated in stuffing, appeared to have been left to soak in something and was equally unpalatable. My opinion of French food is high, I eat out regularly across Paris. I am very sad to say this, but in my opinion, this is really not the place to eat out.

  • Bouillon Racine is a must for us each visit we make to Paris.We have only taken lunch there; and each time it has been a late lunch (2:30-3pm), making this beautiful restaurant a quiet refuge; and making it much easier to get a window seat.I am a vegetarian; there is always a vegetable plate on the standard menu. I savor each perfectly cooked and seasoned portion.Yes, the service is excellent. Our server, too, did stop by to ask if all was fine. That is a very nice touch. The Art Nouveau setting is yet another feast.

  • Outstanding in every respect. The prix fixe menu, now 30 Euros, was every bit as sumptuous as the à la carte selection in our party of three. We all chose the Ravioles, which came searingly hot from the oven with melted cheese, a big hit. When the main dishes arrived they even attracted the admiration of the French couple sitting close by. Two crème brûlée and a Galette du Roi sent us away in a state of bliss.There was only one glass of wine and one coffee, since my student friends politely declined both; grand total: 99 Eur and i left an extra tip for a perfect dining experience.Definitely make a reservation.