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BazArt Café

Le BazArt Café
36 boulevard Henri IV, 4th
Tel 01 42 78 62 23
M° Bastille

ARCHIVE: This restaurant is now closed

This is a stylish and cozy bar, café, restaurant and art gallery. The décor is very whimsical, with heavy red velour, lamps with contemporary striped shades, wrought-iron bistro chairs, wooden floors, and lush plants everywhere. I particularly like the bath-tub bench made from an old claw-foot tub. It’s a romantic place in the evening, more convivial with the lunch crowd, and calm in the afternoon when locals come around with their laptops to enjoy the free WiFi or to read the newspapers. They’re open daily 7:30am until 2am, and are just two blocks off the Place de la Bastille…a great address to remember when you tire of the Bastille’s rowdy student crowds.


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  • My wife and I just went to BazArt last weekend in Paris for lunch and loved it! The food was great, beautifully prepared with superb ingredients. The staff varied in their chaleureux factor, but we especially liked a young lady there with a flower in her hair ("un cadeau" she said). We had the cheese plate for dessert, featuring morbier that was outstanding. Excellent by the glass Cote du Rhone. Ca vaut la visite, as the Michelin might say!Love your site, love your newsletter.