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Bar du Plaza Athénée

Bar du Plaza Athénée
25 Avenue Montaigne, 8th
M° Alma-Marceau
Tel 01 53 67 66 00


This hotel bar isn’t the easiest to find, and it’s better to look like you know where you’re going: Enter the gleaming hotel lobby, turn right and go through the lounge (past the beautiful people in club chairs eyeing you up as you walk past) until you find the bar entrance on the right at the end of the hall. This sophisticated designer bar is the perfect place to settle in for some discreet VIP-spotting with an elaborate cocktail. The décor is a mix of old-fashioned palace and avant-garde design, with blue chandeliers, an iceberg-like bar that lights up when you touch it, and giant frames that serve as seating for the chic poseurs. In addition to funky cocktails like Fashion Ice, they also have a great selection of gourmet teas. Open daily 6pm-1:30am .

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  • I visited the Bar when I was in Paris in May. It was fantastic people watching. Lots of washed up looking rock star types. ie… mick jagger / keith richard types. It was very entertaining. Love that the bouncer gave us a look up and down before he would allow us in. I just wrote a post on music compilations in paris. Do you have any to add? http://www.civilizedspice.com/2008/07/17/la-musique-de-paris/You have a great website. I referenced it a lot before my trip to Paris. Keep up the great content!Star Anise