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Auberge Nicolas Flamel

Auberge Nicolas Flamel
51 rue de Montmorency, 3rd
M° Rambuteau
Tel 01 42 77 12 78


The History
Nicolas Flamel was a famous alchemist in the 14th century who supposedly learned the secret of turning lead into gold on April 23, 1382. Although he performed this feat three times, he and his wife lived a simple life dedicated to helping the poor. In 1407 they built the three-story house on Rue Montmorency in Paris to shelter the homeless of the neighborhood, asking only for their prayers in exchange. The inscription on the historic building’s façade, restored in the 20th century, attests to this vow.

The Restaurant
Today the house is now a restaurant where you can dine on contemporary French cuisine in a formal setting within the ancient stone walls and wooden beams.The lunch menu is €18.50 and includes two courses, a drink and a café. The three-course dinner menus are €31 and €46 and include meat and seafood dishes such as roasted veal, duck fillet, porterhouse steak, seven hour lamb or grilled bass. There is also a “degustation”  and wine tasting menu for €69 with five small courses each accompanied by a different glass of wine.

This restaurant accommodates group events on request.

Open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner.

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  • This restaurant has fabulous creme brulee. The waiter I had was wonderful and really seemed to want me to enjoy my meal–which I did.