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1728 Restaurant & Tearoom

1728 Restaurant & Tearoom
8 rue d’Anjou, 8th
Tel 01 40 17 04 77
M° Concorde or Madeleine


Looking for the perfect place to have a quiet, discreet, afternoon tea in an elegant setting? The 1728 (that’s when the building was constructed) is just around the corner from the couture boutiques and embassies (American and British) of the Rue du Faubourg St -Honoré. I haven’t tried the restaurant, but recently had afternoon tea with a girlfriend.

1728_Paris_dining.jpgThere are several rooms, all with parquet wooden flooring, historic paintings and crystal chandeliers. The rooms overlook a central courtyard, not the street (although it’s a shame the courtyard is used to park cars instead of being planted as a garden). I called to reserve, but the woman on the phone told me it wasn’t necessary in the afternoon, and indeed, we had the whole place to ourselves while the staff set the dinner service in the adjoining rooms.

The pastries are by Pierre Hermé, the teas from China (green, white, black, yellow, oolong, etc.). One of each will run you about €24.


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  • Rodrigo,I’m offering a review of the afternoon tea service, which I did test (which is why it’s listed under the "Cafés and Tearooms" category, and not "restaurants"). My friends who have eaten in the restaurant did not recommend it, so I will probably not be testing that aspect of the establishment. Thanks for the note,Heather

  • Dear Heather,Why do you even offer a review of this establishment if you have not had dinner here?Please reconsider