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Nutella, Speculoos, Banania and other French Spreads

Last week I was shopping at my local Carrefour supermarché and stopped at an aisle I had previously tried to avoid like the plague: pâtes à tartiner. Jars and jars of sugary spreads for slathering on a baguette…or to be consumed by the spoonful while sitting at your desk pretending to work. Ahem. I’m usually a Nutella addict, but after a recent discovery of crunchy Ovomaltine spread, I ventured back into the danger zone and found many, many more tasty choices (I took the Banania spread home with me…bananas are healthy, right?)

Also particularly surprising: the 100% real maple syrup for just €4.80. No need to go to the American food stores in Paris for this anymore!


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  • Greetings HeatherThank you sharing this with your readers. I dropped by local Carrefour City where they seem to stock only the usual Nutella and Speculos. Would you mind sharing the location of your local Carrefour so that I can try my luck there..Thanx in advance…SSS