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Argentinean Barbecue

The artistic cooperative know as the Theatre de la Verre has been around since March 2003. I remember when they used to squat a building at the end of a passage near the Place d’Aligre in the 12th. Then about two years ago, as often happens with squats, the artists were forced to move to a new location near M° Strasbourg-St Denis, in the 10th. Of course they’re still not legal, so to help offset the cost of the €50/day fines, they open their doors every Sunday to the public for a Parrilla — an Argentinean barbecue.

Under the glass skylights of the Theatre de Verre.

The BBQ begins at about 1pm and goes until 7pm. At the entrance newcomers are asked to buy a membership card for €2 (good for any of the other events besides the BBQ, like music concerts and theatre).

The Grill.

For lunch there’s the basic "Asado" grilled meat dish (with potatoes and salad) for €10, and a few smaller dished like fajitas for €6 and chorizo for €3. There are also soft drinks, wine and beer.

My lunch.

I met up with friends at about 3pm. We managed to find a table free with a view of the amazing installment artwork hanging from the hangar ceilings (the building is actually an SERNAM storage warehouse of sorts). People of all ages were gathered, most who looked like they knew each other. 

Comrades in solidarity: Brenna, David and Miranda.

The atmosphere is generally casual, laid back, and very friendly. Behind us children were playing Chinese jump rope, others had set up a chess board. A band started playing at about 4pm. Later that evening a screening of film shorts was scheduled. Next weekend (June 8-10) is a circus-theatre performance of Shakespeare’s "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" in French, at 8pm (tickets €6).



Musical interlude by the World Music group AKIM.

Theatre de Verre
25-27 Rue de l’Echeiquier, 10th
M° Strasbourg-St Denis



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