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4 Rue de Buci, 6th
Tel 01 43 26 57 46

I know that some people drool on cue when a certain French ice cream maker is mentioned, but I’ve tried them all and Amorino is still my favorite by far. Something about Italian gelato, the way they use a flat spatula to shape the different flavors into petals of a huge flower-on-a-cone, and the flavors! My Italian sucks, so I always have to ask the servers to translate, but I always go for caramel, Nutella, tiramisu, or occasionally a raspberry or lemon sorbet. Mmmm….Best of all, they stay open until midnight at the Vielle du Temple location, and they don’t close for August like Berthillon (d’oh! I said it!)

Other locations: 

82 rue de Montorgueil, 2nd

31 rue Vielle du Temple, 4th

47 rue St-Louis-en Ile, 4th

17 rue Daguerre, 14th


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  • I may agree that Amorino has thousands of colourful flavours BUT they are very artificial in taste and look.

  • I was there too this summer (where? not in Paris really!!) at this fancy Italian cafe and I had their Wild Peach (Peche de vigne, if I remember well)-with Gianjuja of course, what a trip!No comparison to anything I have ever had before in my life. It was like tasting it right from the tree!I must thank Annie for the tip. Apparently they have opened a 3rd shop somewhere near Bastile but on their web site (www.pozzetto.biz) they just show two.PS try also the excellent coffee. Real tasty expresso. Italian stuff. No soupy steamy smelly bucksy latte.

  • Go to rue du vielle du temple and just walk toward the river turning right after you…pass amorino. I dont remember the name of the street. On the left hand side you see a stylish white artistic REAL ITALIAN gelato and coffee place named POZZETTO (www.pozzetto.biz). It is difficult to find because the ice cream cannot be seen but ask any local of the Mareis and they will take you there. The guys running the shop are great (I heard they opened another outlet somewhere in the 17th). And their gelato is fresh not just cold.. What I mean they use fresh milk, fresh seasonal local fruit (no passion fruits in January).I never, never had such a blissful tasteful gelato experience before. And I promise, I never missed one anywhere in the world.