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All about the Paris Food Markets: A Video Interview with Paris Paysanne Founder Emily Dilling

Emily Dilling is a California native who has been living in Paris now for almost a decade, where she’s become known for her blog and podcast Paris Paysanne (rough translation: Parisian Peasant) which covers the local farm-to-table and craft production movement in Paris. She has interviewed and written about the markets, farmers, and chefs as well as craft beer brewers, natural wine producers and local coffee roasters.

In late fall her new book came out, “My Paris Market Cookbook: A Culinary Tour of French Flavors and Seasonal Recipes”, including 60 recipes you can make anywhere and a collection of all of the wonderful people, restaurants, and markets she has written about since starting Paris Paysanne.

Emily has recently migrated to the French countryside (in the Loir-et-Cher region just south of Paris), but she agreed to meet with me while in Paris last month for an interview. We originally were going to film in the Marché Bastille, but since it was pouring rain and rather chilly we decided to take shelter in the nearby Café de l’Industrie for a chat. Enjoy the Parisian café ambience (and some groovy jazz tunes…the sax calms down after a few minutes) while Emily reveals some insider tips to the Parisian markets, including:

* How to spot the real farmer’s market stands among the other fruit and vegetable sellers
* Why some family farms opt out of the “organic labeling
* Where to find the three main organic markets: Batignolles, Raspail and Brancusi
* Some of the exotic fruits at the Marché Barbès
* Why you should get in line behind the old ladies at the markets
* Some of the myths about Parisian food (and the coffee)
* And a peek inside her book!


And don’t miss the latest episode of her podcast, Paris Paysanne Podcast Episode #10: Women in the Kitchen, Countryside Living, and the Parabere Forum where she talks to chef Alix Lacloche about healthy comfort food and women in the kitchen, Haven in Paris founder Erica Berman about leaving Paris for the countryside, and Maria Canabal, founder of Parabere Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women’s voices and views in the world of gastronomy. 

Fresh from the farm, at the Marché Bastille with Emily Dilling. 

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  • Heather, thanks for posting this video. Here in Washington DC I do most of my food shopping at farmers markets, and most of our markets require that the seller be a farmer and that all the items for sale come from their farm. When I have visited Parisian markets, I have enjoyed the excitement of market day, and I have admired the beautiful way that the food is displayed in the stalls. Nevertheless, it quickly became clear to me that the stalls are operated by professional market people, not by farmers, and that the food comes from wholesale markets. Last fall I spent a month in eastern France (near the Swiss border), and I found the markets there to be similar to the ones in Paris. So it was exciting to watch this video and learn that my impressions had been accurate — but that the winds of change are starting to blow! I will definitely order Emily's book. I love your blog and look forward to the next posting.

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