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Paris Sales Start Tomorrow

Les Soldes can’t come soon enough for Parisian shoppers, who will be out in full force at dawn on Wednesday to get the best deals at all of the fashionable (and less fashionable) boutiques around town. If you’re smart, you’ll have tried everything on a few days beforehand so that you can just grab it and pay on the day of the sales. In any case, be sure to have a plan, an itinerary (the pricier the store, the earlier you should go), wear a bag you can wear over your shoulder so you don’t have to put it down, and dress so that if you do have to try something on you can do it without going into the changing rooms (which will be packed). More shopping tips en français here (note: Louis Vuitton and the Hermès boutique at 24 Faubourg St Honoré don’t participate in the sales).


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  • Or if you’re really REALLY smart you’d save your money and go hang out on the quais with a chilled bottle of rosé while everyone else spends all of the sunny days indoors. 😉