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Paris Contemporary Art Shows

I went to two contemporary art vernissages (art show openings) last week, both in galleries located in the city’s historic covered passages, both attracting a very young (25-35) crowd.

The first was for the Russian digital artist Natalie Shau, at the Cabinet des Curieux (12 passage Verdeau, 9th). If you live in Paris or have seen the Palace Costes magazine on a recent visit, you may already recognize her “Three Graces with a Knife”. The tiny gallery on two levels has an amazing “curiosity cabinet” style that went well with Shau’s contemporary gothic show. Most of the artworks were sold by the time I got there, but the works will remain at the gallery through January 15.

The second vernissage for the Mexican-born French artist Cristobal Jodorowsky at the Galerie Espace Cinko (12-18 passage Choiseul, 2nd).was more of a party, with a DJ, open bar serving tequila, mariachi band, pinatas, kitsch porn films on a screen, and burlesque performances in the tiny maze of rooms below ground. The converted warehouse-like space is a perfect venue for Jodorowsky’s colorful kitsch paintings that reveal his Mexican roots. The show will continue through December 14th.

FYI, Cristobal is the brother of the singer/actor/entertainer Adan Jodorowsky (aka Adanowsky), and the son of Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky. A talented family!

Yes, a real Mariachi Band.

In the Passage Choiseul

Heather with the vernissage Master of Ceremonies, Nicolas Ullmann (in a Mexican wrestling mask and very red eyes).

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