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Jazz at the Sept Lézards


 The Sept Lézards closed in early 2008…hang in there while they look for a new location!

There’s never much in the way of advertising for the Sept Lézards, a little jazz club and restaurant on the Rue de Rosiers. But it’s a great address to know in Paris for several reasons. When you enter there’s a tiny bar. Just beyond it on the mezzanine is the dining area for the restaurant (open at dinner), and an adorable garden terrace where you can eat in peace during the warmer months. The jazz club (and a second bar) is downstairs. It’s an intimate space, not large at all, with comfy red sofas and chairs, room for maybe 50 people comfortably. But that’s what makes it great; no matter where you sit you feel "close" to the stage, almost like you’re in someone’s living room.

7lezards2.jpgAnd I should mention, since it’s been soooooo hot, that it’s nice and cool downstairs, and no smoking is allowed (this is becoming more common in jazz clubs to save the musicians’ health). There’s a good schedule of bands almost every night, with some free concerts by the house band (you should buy a drink: from €6). Check out the program at their website, http://7lezards.com.

A friend brought me along July 10 for a concert by the Julien Lallier Quartet. Exceptionally, they had a woman playing drums for them that night. Having been a little drummer myself back in my school days, I can’t tell you how rare it is to see one playing professionally, especially in the jazz world! Bravo!


Julien Lallier on piano.


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  • Unfortunately, the 7 Lezards was closed in December 2007 to make way for a new city park. The owners sound pessimistic (on their website) about find a place to reopen.