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Amy Winehouse Pulls a No-Show at Rock-en-Seine Festival

To pretty much no one’s surprise, Rock-en-Seine (Paris) headliner Amy Winehouse didn’t show up at her 10pm appearance on Friday, August 29. Festival attendees were left waiting until the last minute, just 30 minutes before showtime, to find out that the British singer would be pulling yet another no-show. The only hint came from the Raconteurs, who dedicated a song to her during their earlier performance at Rock-en-Seine. “This is for Amy Winehouse, who won’t be here tonight.”

The French techno group Justice started 30 minutes later than planned while the roadies from The Streets moved the band’s set to the main stage to replace Winehouse. “As you can see, I am not Amy Winehouse,” said Mike Skinner, singer of The Streets to the cheering crowd. Then he added, “Sorry, she’s in London doing crack.” The Streets added a few extra lines to their first song, “They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said No, No, No!” 

The Streets performed a great show, and it’s hard to imagine anyone missed Winehouse. If you purchased a ticket, refer to the Rock-en-Seine website on Saturday to find out about getting a partial refund.

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