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Save the Cinema!

It seems the authorities are closing in on the squatted art-house cinema Le Barbizon (141 rue de Tolbiac, 13th, M° Tolbiac), so an emergency event is scheduled for this Sunday (15th), and they’re looking for as much support as possible to stay open so they can continue to provide the public with alternative films not shown in any other cinema. And, of course, they’re always accessible to everyone, since “payment” is in the form of a hat getting passed around at each screening event. Even if you’ve never been before, head on down and check out this amazing space on the edge of Chinatown. It may be the last chance! Sunday’s event will be a community potluck from12:30pm. Bring a dish to share! There will be a general presentation by Les Amis de Tolbiac on what’s happening with the authorities, and at 5pm a performance piece of “Au Vent Mauvais”. For more info visit their website: www.lebarbizon.org