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Cinéma du Panthéon

My friend Carolyn and I both have UGC cinema cards that allow us to see as many films as we want in any UGC or MK2 theatre, as well as many independent cinemas. And since we’re both freelancers, we can go when everyone else is at work. So yesterday we met up at the Cinéma du Panthéon to see the French film, Un Conte de Noël (which, strangely for a French film showing in Paris, had English subtitles…and thank goodness! The film is complicated enough even in one’s native language).

Not only is Catherine Deneuve the star of the film, she also happened to be the main decorator for the tiny theatre’s café on the top floor, aka Le Salon. We expected something cramped and dark, like in most theatre cafés, but this one is surprisingly bright, spacious, and cozy. If the weather is nice, you can even sit on the mini garden terrace. They serve lunch and afternoon meals from noon-7pm on weekdays only: soups, sandwiches, salads, cheese and meat platters, and desserts. We’ll be back!

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