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Featured Events Paris Cinema

Save the Cinema!

It seems the authorities are closing in on the squatted art-house cinema Le Barbizon (141 rue de Tolbiac, 13th, M° Tolbiac), so an emergency event is scheduled for this Sunday (15th), and...

Featured Events

Rock-en-Seine 2006

Note: Also see Rock-en-Seine 2007 here and Rock-en-Seine 2008 here and here. Rock-en-Seine 2006 was pretty damned cool. Aside from the freak weather (ie sunny), the gorgeous setting at the St-Cloud...

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Coupe du Monde 2006

Tonight France plays Italy for the Football (aka Soccer) World Cup. To say the town has "Les Bleues" Fever would be an understatement. And there are so many Italians in Paris that no matter...

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From Belleville’s Portes Ouvertes

Belleville has more artists than any other district of Paris, and every May they open their ateliers to the public. Many of them are in squatted or temporary buildings, often surrounded by greenery...

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Halloweenland at Disneyland Paris!

Now the Halloween bug has taken France by storm, and nowhere is free from ghoulish decorations and good ol' spooky entertainment. So with so many places competing for your attention, where should you...

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Paris la Ville d’Amour? Bien sur!

Is Paris still romantic? I have to admit I’m a bit biased—having met and married Mr. Hall here—but I’ve seen the signs, and it seems Cupid still haunts the quais and rues of this love-crazed town.