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En route to the Porte de Vanves flea market last Sunday.

Pedro & Lena prefer taking the Tram (T3) over the Métro in Paris because they can look out the floor-length windows as we zip along the tracks.


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  • Oh the babies !! miss U guys since I'm working on my report I remember the good old time when you Pedro was sleeping on my arm while I was writing and you Lena was jealous waiting at my feet… 🙂 but now There is a big canadian cat waiting for me to play while I'm writing. xoxo

  • Cynthia,I'm pretty sure any dog that can't fit into a carry-on bag on the metro or tram are not allowed. It's written on the "rules" poster at every station (and on the RATP site). I always have a little carry bag in case the agents enforce it, but in the 11 years they've been riding public transport no one has asked (they're so small, I don't think they get in the way like big dogs…they both fit on my lap if necessary). I think bigger dogs also scare people with little kids (even mine do sometimes, everyone thinks they're Doberman puppies). Anyway….bummer you got ejected!