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Summer in Paris

It’s officially summer today, and it’s good to be back in Paris after a long trip back to the homeland. Lots to get excited about over the next few months, including the new Vélib’ city bikes (coming in July), Paris Plage (mid-July to mid-August), the summer sales (June 27-Aug 4), and the free WiFi spots at all municipal locations like librairies, town halls and parks (coming July). This is handy, since upon my return I’ve had no Internet access at my house due to my Freebox having some sort of meltdown (I’m at the McDo on Place d’Italie again drinking my €2 Evian so I can use the free WiFi; I should mention that this location has been renovated since my last posting from here, and the music isn’t bad either).

In other news, this weekend is the Fête du Cinéma (Sunday 24-Tuesday 26), and the Crazy Horse is selling off its famous red seats for €250 (they’ll be closed this summer for renovations from July 22), contact them by phone 01 47 23 32 32.

Okay, it’s lunch time and McDo is getting busy, time for me to scoot. A bientôt!


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