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Almost Back to Normal: Sunshine and the Seine in Paris

Seine flood

It has been gorgeous and sunny in Paris since Monday. I went out for a morning run in the Jardin des Plantes Wednesday morning and thought I’d have a look at the level of the Seine along my usual running route on the quays, and was surprised to find cyclists and pedestrians already enjoying the Quai Saint-Bernard (5th arrondissement). 

Quai Tino Rossi muddy
Jardin Tino Rossi, Quay St-Bernard, 5th

On the Quai St-Bernard near the Batobus stop for Jardin des Plantes. 

Resto du Coeur boat
Resto du Coeur Boat

The Resto du Coeur (soup kitchen) boat along the Quai St-Bernard back in service.

mud on the quay
A bit of mud and gravel on the quay.

high waters on the quay
Quai St-Bernard partially submerged.

The little amphitheatres where people dance on summer nights are still underwater. Click for the Instagram video I filmed here.

mud on the quays
When the waters receded…

Quite a bit of mud here, but most of the flowering shrubs on the right seem to have weathered the submersion without problem.

gardeners after the flood
Cleaning up and replanting…

Municipal gardeners are out planting the summer annuals now that the rain has stopped. 

houseboats on the Seine
Houseboats on the Seine

Closer to Notre Dame Cathedral, the water is still above the lowest paths along the quays. 

Quays of the Seine
Near Pont de Sully

You can see here on the right the benches peeking out from the water, which is still knee-high here across from the Ile-St-Louis. Note that the only roads that flooded in Paris were these auxiliary quays along the water. The Seine never rose above that wall on the left. Click the photo for the second video from Instagram.

Notre Dame from Theatre de Chatelet
Sunshine on Notre Dame Cathedral

This photo taken from the Théâtre du Châtelet Sunday night shows the first rays of sun shining on Notre Dame in the early evening. You can see more clearly here the pedestrian path along the river is still flooded, but the water, even at its highest level, never got close to the top of the main wall protecting the city (where you see all of the cars, buses, pedestrians).

Some cellars and the RER C, which runs rights along the river, were infiltrated by water, but the museums didn’t suffer any flooding, even though as a precaution they closed for the weekend while moving crates of art works from lower level storage into the upper galleries. Sunshine predicted in Paris through Saturday, we should be back to normal in no time! 

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