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Penguin Pastries Chilling Out in Paris

It’s hot in the city. Hot and humid. This Arizona-raised girl can take the heat, but at the first sign of humidity I just give in and lie prone in my apartment with the black-out curtains drawn and nothing on but the fan. Pastries just don’t cut it when it’s this hot, but I had to smile at (and photograph) these adorable penguin pastries in the window at the Aux Délices de Manon bakery at 400 Rue St-Honoré. 

When I was growing up I collected penguin stuff: posters, figurines, music boxes, stuffed animals, mugs, etc. I think it was my way of dealing with the Sun Valley summers (well, that and the swimming pools and high-powered A/C that no house in Scottsdale could do without). I don’t think these are frozen ice-rcream pastries, otherwise I’d be on my way over there now for a dozen.

The day I took this photo last week the weather was still pretending it was Autumn, so I thought the pastry chef was making fun of the so-called Parisian “summer”. But now that it’s hot I wonder how those little guys are holding up. Probably no better than moi!


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  • Hey! That was my favorite pastry shop this summer. We lived in an apartment right around the corner and visited Manon almost everyday. I never tried the Penguins and now I am regretting that decision. Wish we were still there……

  • Yumbo! These little things look wonderful. Only problem is that here in Alabama they would all be melted before you could get home (even with an air conditioned car). Hurry winter!

  • I love these little penguin cake thingsies ! soo sweet, only in paris would you find such lovely treets, missing paris so much right now and just wish to take my hubbie asap. thanks for the reminder x