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November Strikes

Transportation strikes begin tonight around 8pm and will supposedly continue through Wednesday evening the 14th. No word yet whether they will continue striking through the 20th (along with other non-transport strikers). Here is the current schedule of transportation in Paris:

– RER A & B: no service

– RER C, D & E: no information

– Metro 1: 25% service (1 in 4 trains running)

– Metros 2-13:  10% service (1 in 10 trains running)

– Metro 14: 100% Service (heh heh, this one is run automatically, no drivers to strike)

– Trams 1-4: 10% service

– Busses: 10% service

– Eurostar/Thalys Trains: Normal service reported by French news services, but the Thalys website shows that a few trains have been cancelled.

– Regional Trains (Ter, Transilien): Absolute minimal service during rush hour

– Corail and SNCF TGV: 10% service 

Toll-free number (from a land line) for information on SNCF traffic: 0 805 700 805

Toll-free number (from a land line) for information on RATP traffic: 0 800 15 11 11

Interestingly, 62% of the French don’t think that the strikes are justified, according to a poll published today in the free Métro newspaper. 

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