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I ran into Xavier & Antoine on Wednesday night playing at the Bastille metro station, a particularly nice rendition of Roxanne. Nothing makes the metro commute more enjoyable than good music! Check out their little website for their “concert” schedule.


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  • metro musicians are always the best. in ottawa, where i live, there’s a underpass downtown that always has the best musicians on the coldest nights. i worry for their fingers, but their music is lovely!

  • When I first started visiting Paris in the early ’70’s I did not appreciate the Metro musicians…tried to ignore them, never gave them any money. Apparently that was the prevailing attitude because there became fewer & fewer of them. Over the last 10-15 years, I’ve come to value & enjoy all street musicians… in the Metro, the wonderful string group a few years back in Place des Vosges and the jazz group behind Notre Dame as some of Paris’ lovely gifts bestowed upon those who walk her streets & use the Metro. And I never fail to throw a few coins in the container.