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And this year’s Hasselhoff award goes to…


Who knew Steven Seagal, butt kickin’ action hero of American cinema, is also a blues singer? Well, maybe I’m just out of the loop…good thing I saw this poster pasted up on the wall of my local city council building…anyone ever actually hear him sing? Should I be hounding the press agent for a pass? Will his musical stardom have a negative affect on his acting ability? Questions to ponder…

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  • Well, I saw Mr. Seagal play at a tribute to Les Paul in Hollywood earlier this year. While his blues guitar skills are fairly impressive- his vocal talent is definitely not. I’d say he sings almost as well as he acts- alot like Herr Hasselhof in that regard! The entire crowd was unsure if he was to be taken seriously… I (almost) felt bad for him.

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