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A Parisian July in Photos

Here are some of my favorite photos taken this month, mostly during my morning runs, always with my iPhone 3’s crappy camera (some are filtered by Instagram). If you follow me on Twitter you’ll recognize a few that I posted as I was running (until I tripped…now I do it when I get home). 😉

Independence Day Celebrations at the American Ambassador’s residence in Paris, with live musical entertainment by the US Naval Forces own classic rock band, the Diplomats. Hello sailors!


The spectacular Simone de Beauvoir footbridge over the Seine between Bercy Park and the Quai François Mauriac (the towers of the Bibliothèque Nationale François Mitterrand in the background).


 A doggie water station built into the façade of a bar in the 8th.

Pre-Bastille Day military exercises at the Place de la Concorde. Collective prayers to ward off the incessant rain.


A gilded salamander overlooking the Pont Tzar Alexandre III. There aren’t really any golden lizards in the Seine, despite the popular legend (probably invented by Scottish expats homesick for their Loch Ness Monster).


Only in France would a children’s museum (The Palais Découverte) have a smiling, bare-breasted woman above the entrance. But seriously, we should encourage more healthy public nudity in my home country, the USA (otherwise they’ll be looking for a rather unhealthy version of it online, instead….ick).

A rare glimpse of early morning sun in Bercy Park (about an hor before the clouds moved back in for the day).


Bastille Day Dinner, La Cafête Nationale, hosted by LeFooding.com.


The “apéro” consists of Ricard and strange mini-veggies strung up on a wire rack (not sure if giving a pair of sharp mini-scissors to each table of pastis-drinking guests is a good idea, but I didn’t see any ambulances).


Second course was a croissant with ham, onions, and a cheese filling. I ask the two French ladies next to me if they’ve ever heard of a Croissan’wich. “Er…non.” Burger King closed its French locations back in the 90s. Admittedly, this gourmet version was much better. But it’s still a Croissan’wich.


Dessert was a chocolate mousse…smeared across the plate. Like dog poop that someone already slipped on. But dang, it was good. I had to explain to my Canadian friend what “Taking the piss” meant (one of my favorite British phrases).


Gratuitous pet photo of Pedro, who looks on with his typical world-weary disdain as I do my post-run  stretches (he and his sister Lena will be 12 years old on August 1st, and someone obviously spilled the beans that, like every other year, they won’t be getting any chocolate cake).


Yes, even the illustrious Louvre Museum has to take out the trash once in awhile. Tempted to rummage around in there for discarded artworks, but I doubt a Delacroix would go with my “Post-Modern Mis-Assembled Ikea” decor.


I love 20th-century Parisian architecture. No one puts flowers on buildings anymore. Sigh.


Even Parisians can get it wrong. I don’t know what this relief sculpture in the 16th is supposed to be, but it totally clashes with the “Speedy” car repair shop sign below it. And it probably gives the local children nightmares.


The sun has finally arrived! These squash blossoms at the Marché Auguste Blanqui (13th) look like they’re on fire.


And the palm trees at the Jardin du Luxembourg finally look at home in the July sun. But beware those ankle-height iron railings when attempting to take scenic photos. *cough cough*

One of Hemingway’s Parisian offices, near the Place de la Contrescarpe (5th). He wrote about strolling down to the Rue Mouffetard market for clementines in his book A Moveable Feast.


There’s no plaque (yet), but another expat writer lived on that top floor above the butcher shop on Rue Mouffetard when she first arrived in Paris in 1995 (the dormer window on the right). 😉


Early in the morning, no one but the rats (and yours truly) are running around the narrow Latin Quarter streets (known locally as Dysentery Alley).


If you want to take photos of popular Parisian monuments (or go running) without hoards of tourists blocking the scene, you’re just going to have to get up a bit earlier (this photo taken of the Arc du Carrousel at 8am).


The only downside to waking early is that nothing is actually open. you’ll have to come by around lunch time for the Ferris Wheel in the Jardin des Tuileries.


Another photo of Luxembourg Gardens, with its trees freshly-shorn in traditional French formal gardening style. Yet another example of how Walt Disney got many of his ideas for Disneyland from Europe. I can hear the conversation with his staff…”Square trees, Sir? Are you crazy? There’s no such thing as square trees!”


Kirsten Loop, the official Naughty Paris photographer, taking photos for the second edition of the guide at a burlesque show in Pigalle. Read more about our 10-day photo shoot here.


Looking to escape Paris for the day? The Grand Trianon at Versailles is hosting an exhibition, Les Dames de Trianon through October. For those who hate crowds, skip the main chateau and go directly to the Grand Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s Domaine with its adorable little farm hamlet.


I did a 15k run at Versailles on July 1st. It was more of a trail run through the Park de Versailles and around the Grand Canal than a city run. Lots of grass, fresh air, and the occaisonal peek through the trees of the Château de Versailles.


And saving the best for last…Pedro and Lena living it up (rolling around in something stinky, of course) on the grass in the Park de Versailles (the fabulous Trianon Palace Hotel is in the background).



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  • Those sure looks like interesting places. I’d love to see them myself. Why is it that Paris manages to maintain its charm and presence through several decades? It must be wonderful living in the city of love.

  • Hi Heather,How long did you run to take all these pictures in Paris? :)These are great places.My favorites are definitely the Simone de Beauvoir bridge as 1) I remember when they were building it 2) I'm a BIG Simone de Beauvoir fan and the entry of the Palais de la découverte.Without you, I would not have noticed the nudity of the sculpture! Naked women sculpture are everywhere. Would this be offensive in the US?

  • Heather, even though you used less than "overly expensive" camera equipment, most of the pics are pretty good! My favorites…the Golden Salamander, the Louvre…their trash would fit in my decor! lol, the Ex-Pat who lived on Rue Moffetard…one of my favorite authors…and the "kids" playing outside of the Trianon Palace Hotel…do you think they would need a House Sitter? You and I are much alike, you take photos while running, and I take photos while driving around!

  • Anna, I don't think iPhone intended the photos taken on its 3GS phone were supposed to look like crappy old Instamatic pics, but they certainly do! (the ones with the black borders are clearly the ones "fixed up" in Instagram). Heather

  • Heather, I'm trying to decide if I love your photos because they have a retro look to them, like they were taken with an antique Instamatic…..or hate them because they look like they were taken with a crappy old Instamatic.