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A Parisian August in Photos

Everyone says nothing happens in Paris in August. Not true! Here are some of my favorite photos taken this month…, some taken during my morning runs, always with my iPhone 3’s crappy camera (filtered by Instagram). Follow me on Twitter if you want to see them posted “live”.

Tomatos from the specialist at the Marché Auguste Blanqui (13th), every Sunday.

Local expat musician John McNulty singing a duo with the fabulous guest musician Dawn Mitschele at La Bellevilloise. John’s “Notes from…” blog is some hilarious commentary on life in Paris.

Terrines serves at La Bellevilloise‘s Halle aux Oliviers restaurant. Not bad…but more photographic than tastey.

The Space Invader’s Rubik’s Cube art in the Latin Quarter.

Line 6 metro passing in front of Le Monde’s HQ, somewhere on the border of the 13th and 14th arrondissements.

Beekeepers at the Jardin du Luxembourg. Too tiny to be captured on my crappy iPhone, but there are bees swarmind all around their heads (which is why I did not get any closer). If bees don’t freak you out, don’t miss the annual Fête du Miel, September 22-23 in the gardens.

My best friend in high school used to drive one of these Oldsmobiles, a ’67, exact same battleship grey color. Surprising to see this gas-guzzler in Paris (parked outside the Panthéon when I took the pic)…and with Paris plates!

Words from Rimbaud’s Bateau Ivre, stencilled on a wall in the 6th arrondissement, near St Sulpice Church.

The Secrets of Paris Tour Guides, looking rather relaxed in the reclined chairs of the Jardin des Tuileries. We actually just finished a 32k/20mile training run through Paris. Bryan (center) and Heather will be running the Marathon du Médoc on September 8th, while Edward holds down the fort back in Paris (sorry folks, he’s already fully booked that weekend!)

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