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Travel Writers Workshop

Have you always wanted to be a professional travel journalist but don’t know where to start?

This 5-day workshop in Paris will give you the hands-on experience, insider tips, and practical tools of the trade used by professional travel journalists. Join our exclusive group of no more than 10 participants in Paris for the next workshop!

Workshop Participants
Heather with participants from the May 2016 Travel Writers Workshop

Why Should You Join the Travel Writers Workshop

  • This workshop is for you if you’re already casually blogging about your travels  and taken all of the writing classes, but still have no idea how to actually get started as a professional travel writer.
  • It’s the perfect workshop for you if you want to learn the actual skills of travel writing “in the field”, from researching the best sources and interviewing travel professional, to conducting site inspections and working with editors.
  • This workshop is for you if you want to become a trusted source of reliable insider tips and honest recommendations for your fellow travelers, not just because you want to “travel for free” or become an “Influencer” who gets sponsored by big brands to repeat what’s in the brochures (we focus on travel journalism, not “advertorials”).

We will be discussing content and how to research travel articles, but we will NOT be doing writing exercises or group critiques of each other’s travel writing in this workshop.

How This Travel Writers Workshop Can Help You

1. Hands-On Learning in the Real World: You can take as many classes and read as many books as you want, but nothing beats actual experience. In addition to morning lessons, this workshop includes daily excursions around Paris to hone your new skills as a travel writer.    

2. A Clear Roadmap to Move Forward: This workshops provides the practical tools and tips to help you define your niche, create your professional profile, navigate social media, and create a concrete plan to reaching your long-term travel writing goals. You will leave with the information and tools needed to boost your confidence as a travel writer, from branding and research to etiquette and pitching.    

3. Position Yourself as a Professional: Everyone writes about their travels, but not everyone is a travel writer. This workshop is designed to help you stand out from the overcrowded swamp of amateur travel blogging and position yourself as a professional travel writer, whether you’re already writing at a professional level and looking to change tracks, or starting out and looking for a solid action plan to point you in the right direction. Presenting yourself as a professional isn’t just important for pitching to editors, but also if you’d like to become a travel consultant, destination expert, teaching positions, speaking engagements, etc.    

4. Become Part of the Travel Writers Community: The learning and support this workshop provides doesn’t end after you leave Paris. Not only will all your questions be answered during the workshop, afterwards you will be have a community of fellow travel writers and instructors to continue the conversation, hold you accountable for taking action on the goals you define during the workshop, support you in your journey, and share your successes!  

5. Have an Excuse to Visit Paris: “Paris is always a good idea,” said Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. And whether it’s your first or hundredth trip, what better way to explore the city and some of its lesser-known sights than with local experts who literally “wrote the book”! The Secrets of Paris Travel Writers Workshop is hosted by Heather Stimmler, a professional travel journalist and publisher with over 20 years of experience working in the Paris travel industry as a journalist, travel editor, freelance writer, guidebook author, indie travel publisher, professional tour guide, travel consultant, and writing instructor. She’ll be joined by several special guests with diverse travel writing expertise and advice to share with you!

Testimonials by Former Participants

I knew I didn’t know what I didn’t know being a closet writer for years, but Heather’s warm welcome, expertise and valuable information helped to give me clarity on where I want to go with my writing. It’s going to be fantastic having a trusted, like-minded group to share and bounce ideas off going forward. – Dawn Robirtis, Vancouver, www.dawnrobi.com

I’m still not sure which was more valuable, the actual hands-on writer’s training, or the confidence-building that one gains from seeing someone like you bring the travel writer’s dream to life and prove it can happen. Besides the journalistic tips and training, you provided a new and wonderful insight into Paris itself. – Mike Westra, Los Angeles, https://amoveablefeast.us

It was probably the most productive writing workshop that I’ve participated in. I could tell how much thought and effort you had put into all of the details. – Lynn Stapleton, San Francisco, @littlemissnomadtravels

Attending the workshop really has provided very interesting new paths I never would have dreamed of prior. Still have my day-job in IT, however starting to blog after the workshop has led to my current side-gig as Travel Agent/Advisor. I hope to combine that with the travel writing skills Heather taught to build this as a second career when I retire. Thanks so much! – Lauren Scott, Get Lost Lauren

Stop spinning your wheels in confusion while trying to “figure it out” on your own.

Join this small, exclusive group of like-minded travel writers to learn the secrets of the trade in one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.


1. Two pre-workshop live video sessions with Heather to get to know each other, ask questions, and prepare for the workshop so we can hit the ground running in Paris. 

2. A welcome reception
to meet your host and fellow participants in person the evening before the workshop starts.

3. Five days of hands-on training
, including mornings in the classroom (with continental breakfast) and afternoon excursions “in the field” to test your new knowledge.

4. Five lunches
together with your group in typical Parisian bistros.

5. A celebratory wine tasting dinner
together on the last evening of the workshop.

6. Lifetime access to our private FB group
for workshop participants where you can ask questions, find calls for pitches, share successes, and be part of a real community of writers from all over the world.

7. An amazing week experiencing Paris like an insider with local travel writers!

 Extra Options

Take Action: One-on-one consulting calls with Heather to serve as follow-up implementation strategy sessions after the event 

 – Get Around Town: Unlimited Paris transportation pass for the week 

 – Stay Connected: 4G smartphone with 3GB per day of data, unlimited local calls and texts, and a Wifi hotspot that works with your own devices

Note: Flights, airport transfers and accommodation are NOT included in the fee. 

About Your Instructors 

<br>Heather Stimmler

Heather Stimmler

American-born travel journalist, guidebook author, indie publisher and media expert living in Paris since 1995. She founded the Secrets of Paris in 1999 and the Travel Writers Workshops in 2016.

Bryan Pirolli
Bryan Pirolli

A Secrets of Paris contributing editor since 2010, Bryan is a journalism professor, freelance travel writer, tour guide, and co-founder of the Travel Writers Workshop. He splits his time between Paris and Brooklyn, New York.

Lisa Pasold
Lisa Pasold

Canadian-born poet, author, literary tour guide, TV show host, and travel expert living in Paris and New Orleans. She co-hosted the Fall 2016 Travel Writers Workshop.

<strong>Lily Heise</strong>
Lily Heise

Canadian-born author, tour guide and travel blogger Lily Heise discusses how to successfully pitch to travel publications and websites as a freelance writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the price include accommodation?
A: No, you are responsible for your own accommodations in Paris. Heather is happy to recommend hotels to fit your budget and needs in central Paris.

Q: How do I register and pay?
A: The registration link will take you to a questionnaire to fill out, then a payment link to make the €500 non-refundable deposit (via PayPal/credit card). The final balance will be due October 4th if you would like to participate in the workshop. If you have any questions about payment, contact us by email.

Q: Where will the morning classes take place?
A: The venue is chosen once we know exactly how many people will be attending the workshop (maximum 10), but it will always be in central Paris close to public transportation.

Q: Can I attend if I’m a total beginner and have never done any travel writing?
A: You don’t have to already have travel writing experience, but you should be comfortable writing in general. We will not be teaching how to write in this workshop, but we will discuss the different types of travel writing, from blogging to travel journalism to narrative non-fiction.

Q: What is on the agenda?
A: The final agenda will depend on the experience, needs and goals of the participants, but will generally cover the different styles of travel writing and how to choose yours, how to use social media as a travel writer, building your personal profile and audience, how to approach travel industry professionals, how to conduct site inspections, how to research like a journalist, ethical dilemmas in travel writing, and how to make a living as a travel writer. Each afternoon we will visit – as travel writers – a hotel, a cultural site, the Paris Tourism Office, a popular market, and five different lunch spots. These excursions are interactive and hands-on, not simply sightseeing.

Q: How much free time will there be?
A: The excursions will typically finish at 3:30pm, leaving you the rest of the afternoon free (except for the final day, when there’s a group dinner).

Q: Will there be writing assignments and reviews during the workshop?
A: The workshop will help you improve your travel writing through better research, knowing your audience, and avoiding the biggest pitfalls of most travel writing. But we will not be assigning articles or workshopping individual writing samples during the workshop because it takes up too much time we prefer to use for the hands-on excursions. Heather can review your writing in the optional one-on-one sessions via Skype once the workshop has ended.

Q: Will you be telling us how to get sponsors and free trips?
A: While we will be explaining the difference between sponsored travel writing and traditional travel journalism, we will not be going in-depth on how to become an “influencer”.

Q: What’s your cancellation policy?
A: Because we have to book the classroom and meals in advance, we have a very strict cancellation and refund policy: Cancellations more than 30 days before the workshop will be reimbursed minus the €500 non-refundable fee. No refunds are possible within 30 days of the start of the workshop. Exceptions to this cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including personal emergencies. If the workshop does not take place, all monies will be refunded.

Q: What if I have special dietary requirements or don’t drink wine?
A: You can indicate your particular needs in the detailed questionnaire during registration and we will do our best to accommodate them. The size of the group allows us to be flexible, but if you’re still not sure, don’t hesitate to email us with your concerns and we can schedule a phone chat to discuss.

Q: Can you recommend other things to see and do while we’re in Paris?
A: Of course! Heather is available to answer any and all questions regarding your stay in Paris: accommodations, dining, street art, nightlife, sightseeing, flea markets, and interesting events . It’s true that “Paris is always a good idea”. Let us help you enjoy it like a local!

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